Since 1990, Toner Factor has been offering Toner Cartridges and have Technical Services Specialists.

Toner Factor is a local Remanufacture and Distributor of High Quality Compatible Toner Cartridges, with over 20 years of experience and with more than a hundred satisfied customers.

Our Mission:

To work with small business owners and managers who like to receive personal attention and the best value for their money.

Toner Factor can offer your business a tailor made solution, Putting it all together: Cartridges, Repair and Support to achieve the best cost per print.

Primer Line:

At Toner Factor we take the products and the production of quality replacement toner cartridges very seriously.

Since selling our ISO 9001 primer line of toner cartridges, our return rate has decreased. Ensuring that we remain competitive within the industry and create a perfect toner cartridge for your: High-speed, Color or Big volume laser printer.

Standard Line.

Excellent value, quality and availability are the qualities of the standard line, excellent toners for small laser printers and personal copiers.